[SQLObject] Connections To More Than One Database

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Author: Alex Le Dain
To: SQLObject
Subject: [SQLObject] Connections To More Than One Database
Hi List,

I would like some advice on attempting the following.

I want to use multiple database connections (to multiple databases) with
the same SQLObject definitions. For example, with MySQL I setup three
databases: A, B and C and define the same set of SQLObjects in each, say:

class MyTable1 (SQLObject):
   dbField1 = IntCol()
   dbField2 = StringCol()

class MyTable2 (SQLObject) :
   dbField3 = DateCol()
   dbField4 = StringCol()

Normally what would I do is place these lines in the same file as the
definitions of the tables above:
connection = connectionForURI('mysql://blah:blah@???:3306/blah')
sqlhub.processConnection = connection

And I gather this effectively means that the SQLObjects all use the same
connection. The alternatives seems to be (a) set the _connection
property of each instance, or (b) pass the connection object in at
instance creation time (as detailed in the documentation).

So to do what I want to do would would mean I probably need to create
three connection instances, connA, connB and connC and pass these as an
argument when I access the SQLObjects. For example:
connA = connectionForURI('mysql://blahA:blahA@???:3306/blahA')
connB = connectionForURI('mysql://blahB:blahB@???:3306/blahB')
connC = connectionForURI('mysql://blahC:blahC@???:3306/blahC')

tA = MyTable1.get(1, connA)
tB = MyTable1.get(1, connB)
tC = MyTable1.get(1, connC)

Can anyone confirm this as the best way to achieve multiple connections?

cheers, Alex.


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