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Paste WebKit

About WebKit

This is a reimplementation of the Webware WebKit servlet API. This implementation uses WSGI internally very heavily, and builds upon the framework-neutral tools and services in Paste.

It also changes the installation and configuration process considerably, making this a more traditional Python package.

However, applications are meant to be portable to this system with very little effort. You may encounter a few NotImplementedExceptions for some methods that seemed obscure, but API compatibility is a goal, and any problems can be submitted as a bug.


Paste WebKit reimplements a stable API. Paste WebKit itself is very stable. This is primarily a bridge project for bringing old Webware code into the WSGI environment. No non-bugfix development on Paste WebKit is planned.


For questions about Webware programming in general, the list remains the best resource. You can read the archives online.

For questions related to installation, running the appserver, etc., you can email, and read those archives. Feel free to email the Paste list if in doubt.